The Approaching Storm is a long-term, sandbox Fantasy campaign (using the Pathfinder rules) designed to provide a multitude of choices and options, paths and directions so that together we are crafting an engaging, exciting and memorable story.

Campaign Flavor

  • Set in PathFinder’s Inner Sea Campaign Setting and starting in Brevoy.
  • Will include parts of existing Pathfinder adventure paths and original content
  • I would describe the campaign as fairly sandbox… players will decide direction but there are major and minor stories happening across the world regardless of which direction the players go in.
  • Epic story taking characters from level 1 to 20
  • Characters will come from humble beginnings (you build your backstory based on anything in InnerSea) and will initially clearing small dungeons as lowly adventurers. Over time bigger and more complex stories and plots involving factions and kingdoms are introduced. Characters will continue to do dungeons but with goals and objectives tying into broader plots. Ultimately, the PCs will be involved in saving the world from impending doom.
  • Adventures will be dungeons, towns, caves, tombs, outdoors, wilderness, castles, forts, ocean and underwater (not likely to have planes).
  • Magic and magic items are rare and awe-inspiring.
  • The Noble Wild exist (this is an excellent 3rd party resource that establishes talking animals with classes— although, of course, very rare).
  • Fantasy storytelling and plot will be similar to Terry Goodkind writings in The Sword of Truth Series.
  • Enemies will not always be monsters, and monsters will not always be enemies.
  • There are artifacts and other unexplained magic phenomena that are home-grown in this campaign (this keeps the awe and mystery of the world in place as too many players have memorized all of the Pathfinder magic items ;) )
  • Emphasis on roleplaying and storytelling (this is not going to be a campaign full of rule lawyering, number crunching court battles over bonuses—- I like the action to flow and be challenging and fun and I don’t think rules should ever derail the flow and fun). That being said, I do appreciate players who can remind me of all the rules—as I get older I can’t memorize them all (although I do have all the books).
  • Dialogue and problem solving heavily rewarded.
  • Mature players sought—ideally those who like to roleplay.

Character Creation Rules

Hurry now, a Storm is Approaching!