'Bride" Davae

Talking, magical sword, who calls herself "Bride"

weapon (melee)

Riddle Blacklock is the current owner of Bride.

For Riddle Blacklock, the sword behaves as a +1 Long Sword, for now. If anyone else wields it, the sword is normal but in all likelihood will talk.


Bride__sword_.jpgThe name of the sword is of dwarven origins but you don’t recognize the name.

Riddle, you have heard an epic drinking song about a sword called “Bride” Davae. In the song, a beautiful sword, which names herself “Bride” seduces a strong simpleton or other such naive males, with bold promises and sweet words. Once Bride has taken a husband, she steers her “lover” into attempting tremendously dangerous activities , which usually resulted in the male dying in some tragic way. When that happens, usually after each verse of the drinking song, Bride would find another “husband” to continue her exploits. As with any bard song, there are different versions and in each the sword has a different magical power but one thing is constant throughout each song – the sword is the hero and the male is the butt of the song’s punchline.

Jair remembers that there was a Pathfinder Society member named “Brideonna Davae” who was an explorer of well-renown. All of you would know about the Pathfinder Society – which is the semi-secretive society of explorers and journalists. There hundreds of bar songs and epic stories of the exploits of various Pathfinders. What you know of Bride, however, is different from what Riddle has heard through the form of drinking songs. Brideonna, in real life, was actually a high-powered wizard, who, as a pathfinder, sought to explorer the Starstone in Absalom. It was during her exploration that somehow she was imprisoned in a weapon… which is probably the Bride that is stuck in the Raskasa’s leg! As you understand it, she was not evil and actually had involved in helping banish certain demons from Golarion

'Bride" Davae

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