Gregor Stonesword

Large, well equipped human male.


Gregor is a very large human male, with a talent for hitting things. Gruff, and none to talented with his social graces, he is known to have fights break out over a simple meal. That isn’t to say he isn’t smart, just that he doesn’t much care what people’s opinion is of him. Gregor has spent his whole life fighting people, studying them, learning how they move and what makes them tick. This ability has helped him read people, knowing what motivates them, what scares them.

Gregor grew up in Brevoy serving House Medvyed on the outskirts of the Gronzi Forest. His large size and natural talent for roughhousing have kept him almost always employed. There a bouncer, here a mercenary, there a body guard, and over yonder a militia-man. Most of the time, his talents were used for peace keeping, not the killing of the lord’s patrons. He became adept at reading people and … encouraging them away from violence.

With the chaos caused by the disappearance of House Rogarvia, Gregor has spent many of the recent years serving in the militia, honing his combat prowess. Dissatisfied of late, Gregor left the standing army. Not afraid of combat, but killing other poor fellows just to figure out who gets to sleep in a palace doesn’t sit well with him.

And so he left, and sought to make his fortune. He passed through Restov, and heard about some Lord or another trying to hire adventures to map some lands he believed to be “Stolen”. “Hrmphf” he grumbled to himself, “wars are born in such ways”. Nonetheless, these lands were in the direction he was headed, and he could sure use the coin. He traveled, and never saw much of anything.

A storm was approaching, he sought shelter in a cave.

Wrong cave.


Gregor Stonesword

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