The Approaching Storm

The Commission

Part 2

The next morning you have a quick breakfast and make idle chat with those who shared your table with last night. You share the rumors and stories you heard last night. Once breakfast is over a guard opens to the door to the inn, sticks his head in and bellows, “Lord Bresinian will receive all potential adventurers in 30 minutes….head to the receiving hall at the Lord’s manor.” He closes the door and heads to the next inn to deliver the message.

You settle up with the Inn Keeper, gather up your gear and make your way to the Lord’s Manor; a beautiful stone structure with expensive stained glass.


Four guards wearing white robes that cover chain mail. The robes display the symbol of the Lord of Restov on the front. Each guard holds a halberd and has a short-sword sheathed at the waist. A small group of other adventurer types is mulling around waiting for the meeting with the Lord.

After a few minutes, when about 15 of you are gathered, the guards open the door and a magistrate appears wearing full brown thick robes. His face is covered with a closely cropped white beard. “Good morning sell-swords. If you will please follow me, I will escort you into the receiving hall for Lord Bresinian will hear your description of your skills and will award commissions to SOME of you.” He emphasized the word “SOME” with a hint of question as to be sure you don’t assume that each will receive an assignment. “I might add that Lord Brensinian is a fair but firm and expects those he employs will be of the upmost high character and skill. Don’t disappoint.” With that he turns and enters into the manor and over his shoulder he says “follow.”

The lot of you exchange glances and follow after him.

Chambers The Manor is immaculately decorated with gold walls, shiny tile floors and high ceilings. It would rival many a castle of a king. After a short walk through hallways filled with all manner of relics and suits of armor you are escorted into the receiving hall.

Your group stands together just as other 10-12 men and women form two other separate groups. To anyone watching it looks like three different adventuring groups.


Shortly your waiting is ended when the court page blows a small trumpet and shouts, much louder than necessary, “Lord Bresinian arrives, bend the knee!”

Lord bresnian You watch as the others slowly bend the knee in respect which leads you to do so as well [unless you don’t — please let me know if that is the case] and the Lord enters the room.

He is dressed in elaborate velvet cloak over richly deep grey robes. His neck and wrist are covered with all manner of bracelets and necklaces. His beard is trimmed tight and neat. He appears plump and in his 50s. On his head he wears a black velvet hat trimmed with a white feather. He is very much what you expect a ‘Lord’ to be.

Lord Bresinian sits on throne and with a dismissive wave he casually says, “You may rise.”

“I am pleased that such a good looking lot of sell swords has responded to my call for men and women of strength and honor to be considered for a commission. A lord has no shortage of problems and issues that impact his land, reign and, well I suppose his people too. No doubt you have heard of the bandits in the area.” Again his tone is dismissive as he says ‘bandits’, almost as if hinting that it is just a tale drummed up by parents to scare children into bed. “I could use some of you to deal with those problems, and likely the lesser of you will be retained for some such task.”

“But alas, my commission is for something more, shall we say, ambitious. No doubt you are aware of the stolen lands…. the 35,000 square mile swath of wilderness south of Restov towards the River Kingdoms. This land was stolen from Brevoy by all manner of bandits and, well, other things and I aim to return it to the King Noleski Surtova, thus earning myself the title of the King’s Hand. But to earn that honor, I MUST deliver the Stolen Lands, conquered and tamed!”

“You are all here today because there is something inside you that makes different from the common man. You are driven and dangerous… you fear neither sword or magic or man or beast… all manner of motivations drive a man to ask for dangerous work and I care not why you are seeking a commission so long as you too possess those intangible virtues that make a man, shall we say, dangerous. In order for me to choose the best of you for this ambitious task I would hear from each of you why I should consider you for the commission. I should note before you begin your tales, that those who I commission will have my full authority, backing and support to explore, map and tame the stolen lands in any way you may. You will receive this commission,” he holds up this document for your all to see Charter smaller

“Upon successful completion you will be knighted and granted wealth enough to become lords yourselves, subject to me of course, and shall be deemed to be heroes and the subjects of the bards songs and poems for centuries to come. To be sure that we memorialize your efforts, my court bard, Teak D’Haran, will escort the commissioned lot to record their deeds and adventures. Whether you desire to establish justice and peace or whether you intend to put the usurpers to the sword, is no matter, so long as you map and tame the Stolen Lands in my name.”

“Now then, let me hear of your valor and skill and I shall make my decision after hearing your tales.”


Torg steps forward and begins, using his natural strength to add a fierce air to his words*.

“I am Torg Vulf Keeler, so named because I keeled a Vulf with my bare hands az a man child. I come bearing my own armor and weapons, and geeve my loyalty to your cause.”

With that, Torg steps back and then kneels, head down, to wait and listen as the others speak their piece.

(*Torg has Intimidate plus 10, as well as Strength 18, so he knows how to look imposing ;)

The Commission

[GO ahead and make the intimidate roll please]

The Commission

Fria steps forward when it is her opportunity to do so and bow slightly to the Lord Bresinian and takes of her had before addressing the Lord, “My name is Fria Morreth and I am a Inquisitor of Iomedae. I was apprenticed to the Inquisitor Marlon Thren, slayer of the Dark Wood Were Pack, and served by his side for six years during which we delved in the caverns beneath the Vaishau Ruin in my home lands of Lastwall and then was assigned to a crusade that purged a necromancer cult hiding in the Shudderwood in Ustalav.”

Fria then passes and smiles at the lord as she adds a little charm to her voice, “As a Inquisitor of Iomedae I am bound to bring the light of law to the even the darkest corners and I will do so in my goddess’ and your service if selected for this endeavor, my lord.”

(Here is my Diplomacy check to use the right etiquette will presenting myself, “1d20 + 6 [7,+ 6] = 13”:

The Commission

Kyras keeps an eye on Lord Bresinian, gauging his reaction to the various other introductions before making his own.

Sense Motive roll 9 +2 skill = 11.

When Kyras feels the time is right, he steps forward and bows, fist to his chest. “I am Kyras, woodsman and last surviving paladin of the Fortress of Erastil. I was trained by Joruk, Slayer of Livezzenvivexious, and I walked through your Stolen Lands on my way here without a scratch.”

He smiles. “I also am bound to bring the light of law to the darkest corners of the world. I would be pleased to do so in your service.”

The Commission

Roll: 1d20

plus 10,

21 intimidate roll for Torg

The Commission

Lord Bresinian laughs out loud as Kryas reports that he walked through the stolen lands without a scratch. “Aye, well said, that is the type of attitude I am looking for.”

[Kyras, you detect that Lord Bresinian is genuinely interested in your introductions and is engaged.]

As Torg attempts to intimidate Lord Bresinian, he applauds deeply, and turning to his guards and speaking to the rest of the sell-swords in the room, he says “now THIS is the type of man that will tame the Stolen Lands!”

In response to Fria’s report, Lord Bresinian nods in affirmation. “Adding the support of the Goddess of honor, justice, rulership and valor to the taming of the Stolen Lands would be an excellent idea!”

The other man and women also come forward and introduce themselves.

Five adventurers set up, bend a knee, and the obvious leader says in a loud voice, “My Lord, the Hands of Slaughter seek your commission. You have heard from the other weak sell-swords here,” he waves his hand towards you all, "but my Lord, your commission calls for unmatched aggression. The Hands of Slaughter is a proven group of experienced adventurers from Chelix, where we aided the House of Thune and aided the Queen of Chelix in “dealing” with treason within the realm. My name is Lerwynn Skathos and I am bard by traded. You may keep your bard in court here to entertain ladies and Lords, I will bring you all the stories and songs you desire. Here," he points to a tall blond woman, who holds her lips in a pouts and stands with one hand on her hip, " is Anya Jeggare, a summoner who calls forth all manner of beast and creature to do her bidding, many a rebel regretted the moment they faced her… she has no mercy. Also, in the Hands of Slaughter is Victus Carrazinion and Will Telaxxis." He points to Victus, a small human man with silverhair; he is dressed in chainmail and carries a mace and holy symbol. He also points to Will, who is dressed in all black armor with a large two-handed sword strapped to his back. “Victus is a cleric of Asmodeus. Here you have a representative from Iomedae, a good and lawful good,” he points to Fria, “Asomedeus is also lawful but significantly more, well, non-good. It is that non-good that you will need to tame the Stolen Lands. Finally, Will is a swordman of unyielding mercy and is the son of a hellknight. We are the best equipped in both skill and attitude to secure the Stolen Lands for you.”

Lord Bresinian shouts, “Bravo, Bravo, indeed the adventurous spirit that will be necessary to tame the Stolen Lands. Ah, to make a decision. I find that each of you have certain skills and aptitudes, I could mix and match you into a large group but I am convinced that keeping those who band naturally together is an important dynamic. Obviously the Hands of Slaughter has the experience and fearlessness that I desire. However, I do have concerns that your ways may taint my honor so I am drawn to sending Iomodae inquisitor instead.” He pauses, rubbing his chins. Calling over one of his scribes he whispers something in the scribe’s ear. The scribe nods and runs off.

The Lord continues, “I have made my decision. Hands of Slaughter, please step forward and bend the knee.”

The Hands of Slaughter step forward and bends a knee, well kind-of.

The Lord continues, “Your skill and capabilities have impressed me, I believe that you are capable of taming the Stolen Lands. However, I am concerned that your connection with the Queen of Chelix will not be a good connection for my efforts to gain the title ’King’s Hand’ as it will perhaps be read that I must use resources from one of our rival kingdoms. I do have use of you however, and if you will, I would offer you a retainer to serve as my personnel guard. What say you?”

Without even having to consult with the others in the Hand, Lerwynn says, in a tone that surprises you, “We think not and will take our leave.” With that the each glare at all of you as they gather their items and leave the hall.

Lord Bresinian is taken back by their reaction but quickly recovers and regains his composure and presence. “Admon, Fria, Kyras, Riddle, and Torg, please step forward and bend the knee.”

[Assuming of course that you do step forward, the Lord says], “I have heard your tales and have judged you to be the most desirable group to send to tame the Stolen Lands. I trust that your party will be guided and blessed by Iomedea. I find that any group that has such wit and confidence as displayed by Kyras backed by the strength of Torg, the stealth of Admon and supported by the magic arts through Riddle. This group, oh do you have a name?”

“No matter, you are all hereby commissioned to tame the Stolen Lands in the name of the House of Restov. Now rise, and receive your commission.”

The Commission

Kyras does so with a smile, though it’s slightly forced as he realizes the third group didn’t even get to introduce themselves. Privately, he hopes this won’t end up being another problem – he’s already marked the Hands of Slaughter down as a potential threat.

The Commission

Fria watches the Hands of Slaughter leave the room with a look of concerned as she silently considers the best way to place a blade edge in each of their guts as she fears she will have need to do so at some time near. Distracted with though it takes her a moment to step forward and bend a knee but she does not take her eyes of the Lord Bresinian as although she is more than willing to take the light of law to the lawlessness of the Stolen Lands she does not fully trust the Lord after what she had learned in the tavern.

The Commission

Torg, who has been kneeling since he finished his short speech, rises and says simply, “The Pack. Vee shuld be ze Pack, as we are but loyal Vulves in your Lordship’s service…”

The Commission

Riddle watched the Hands of Slaughter leave the room. Already she was developing tactics to defeat Skathos and Jeggare. Bards were a unique threat and summoners,… The ability to change the odds was equally dangerous. She was reassured that Lord Bresinian could see them for the obvious agents of Chelix that they were. It was reassuring to wisdom in one who sought power.

When he asked for a name, she suppressed the urge to chuckle and was about to suggest That their name would be found in their deeds when Torg spoke. Too brash she thought but the words had been spoken.

She had been an outsider all her life and that had made her very independence. To her the label of a pack spoke of obedience and submission. To the warrior it no doubt spoke of unity and strength. Such was the power of words.

Quietly she moved to stand with Torg.

The Commission

“My Lord,” a rough voice rang out, “My Lord, what task and assignment might you have for us three?” Three men step forward, dressed in hides, animal skins and have the look of barbarians.

Lord Bresinian looks surprised to be interrupted but says, “Step forward and bend the knee.”

The three step forward and take a knee.

“You may rise and speak,” says Lord Bresinian.

The tallest, carrying a war hammer and wearing a wolf hide, says, says “M’Lord, I am Devan Hillstone, from the Hillstone tribe in Numeria. This is,” he points to a stout dwarf, dressed in chain and carrying a war axe, “Rustock Hillstone, of the Hillstone clan and this is,” he points to a dark skin man, who has a bow strapped on his back, “Belkul… just Belkul. We are from Numeria and seek the commission.”

Lord Bresinian looks them over and says, “Men, I knew, based on your appearance, that you were barbarians from Numeria. What is well known is that the barbarians of Numeria have battled all manner of evil from the Worldwound, and the ferocity and bravery of your tribes and rulers is unmatched. However, your number is small and you lack the full diversity of magic and healing that would be necessary for this commission. I am also concerned on the motives of barbarians of Numeria as your lands were also part of the River Kingdoms and were hell-bent on putting the rest of these lands, including Brevory, under Numeria’s control. Thus, barbarians will not be commissioned nor do I have any tasks for you. You may take your leave.”

The dwarf, furious, rushes towards the Lord, axe drawn!

[everyone roll for initiative]

The Commission

Initiative roll 10 +3 Dex = 13.

The Commission

Initiative roll 17 + 3 = 20

The Commission

Initiative roll

Roll: 1d20

plus 1 dex


The Commission

Initiative Order:

1. Fria 20
2. Dwarf 19
3. Kyras 13
4. Other two barbarians 12
4. Torg 9
5. Lord’s Guards (6 of them) – they were surprised and miss this turn and go last on the second turn

Riddle and Admon still need to roll

[I am going to move this adventure to the FORUMS so I can use battle maps (which I will post later tonight).]

The Commission
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